Amazon Associates/Affiliates Program: All You Need to Know to Start Earning From Your Blog/Website

posted on 20/2/15

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With the rise of the golden age of the Internet came several different ways to earn income without stepping out of the comfort of your home. Some people discovered this and quit their jobs in search of better, more comfortable options. A lot of people spend most of their time in front of their laptops writing, calculating, designing, and other such professions. Others are still a little bit oblivious to the opportunities that exist online.

For that reason, we have written a detailed guide to inform and educate on the possibilities that exist in online income. There are so many ways you can make some extra cash online, especially as the owner of a website. One of them is the Amazon associates/affiliates program . Here, you would learn what exactly it is, how you can become an Amazon associate , etc. Dive in!

What is the Amazon Associates Program?

Amazon Associates Program is alternatively referred to as Amazon Affiliates Program. They're not mutually exclusive, in case you were wondering.

Moving on, Amazon Associates/Affiliates is an affiliate marketing Amazon program available to virtually everyone who owns a website. The program gives bloggers and website owners a chance to advertise Amazon products on their website. The product that the blogger advertises is entirely up to him or her. They then get commissions from Amazon whenever someone buys the advertised product by clicking the link that the blogger put up. It is a pretty straightforward way to make money from your blog/website.

How can you join Amazon Associates?

Becoming an Amazon associate or an Amazon affiliate is quite simple. You can easily complete the whole process in four quick and understandable steps. We have taken our time to list them below:

1. Start your own blog/create an Internet site

The very first step in joining Amazon Associates/Affiliates program is owning a website. It is compulsory because your website is where your Amazon Associates/Affiliates link will be uploaded. Through the site, you will advertise the Amazon products you wish to sell. If you do not have a website, you cannot be a part of the program.

2. Open an Amazon Affiliates Account

After starting your own blog/website, you need to create an account. At this point, all you need is to open the official homepage . Once you enter the page, locate and click the button that says, “Join Now for Free.” Afterward, you would need to log in to your Amazon account. If you aren’t an Amazon account owner yet, you would be asked to create one. Do whichever applies to you.

3. Build your profile

After completing the first and second steps successfully, you have to give Amazon Associates/Affiliates the necessary information about you. This is the stage where your account has to be built, and you would need to put in the following information:

  • Information regarding your account. This includes the payee’s contact number, full name, as well as home address.
  • The main address of the Internet site you created earlier.
  • A store ID that you prefer. On most occasions, it is identical to your site’s name.
  • Information about how you pull traffic on your site.
  • A valid phone number you can receive calls with. Here, you will click on “Call Me Now.” Amazon would give you a call shortly after and you would be asked to type in a code that’s four digits long.
  • Your preferred payment method.

4. Create your very first affiliate link

After completing all of this, Amazon would send you to your very own homepage. On your homepage, you will see a dashboard indicating your performance. It would include overviews, earnings and other such information. Alongside that, you would be able to create Amazon Associates/Affiliates links via your homepage.

How to create a link on Amazon Associates/Affiliates Program

There are eight basic steps you need to follow to create a link and start your earning journey. They are listed below:

  • The first step is to find a product that is relevant to your site. On your home page, choose between “Quick Links: Search for Product” and “Browse for Product.” The first option gives you the opportunity to look for the keyword of a particular product. The second option lets you to sort by categories such as electronics, fashion, etc.
  • After finding a product that you feel comfortable marketing, click on the button that says, “Get Link.”
  • Customize the link however you please.
  • Do a preview before you upload the link to your website.
  • After confirming that it is the way you want it to be, upload it to your official website.

That’s it! All you need to do is drive readers to your site and get people to click on your link. You can earn as much as $2,000 monthly on commissions from Amazon Associates/Affiliates marketing.

Final thoughts

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to turn your site into an income generating avenue. While it will take some effort, especially in the area of getting people to click your link, it can be very rewarding. All you have to do now is begin pushing the buttons on your screen to join the program. In a few short steps, you too can start enjoying the rewards.

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