Best FBA Calculator: take every item fulfillment price down the last dollar

posted on 20/2/24

When selling on Amazon, it is crucial to know that the end-profit must be greater than the item’s cost. There exists a compendium of charges linked to arriving at the final amount that one can end up with. Computing revenue accrued is perhaps the most pertinent factors when trying to trade successfully on Amazon.

amazon calculator fba

Amazon FBA: What exactly is it?

A fulfillment by Amazon revenue calculator is an item sourcing application that generates fees when absent from your system.

Why should one use FBA calculators?

The list of the best free FBA calculators on the market

IO Scout

IO Scout is a great Amazon FBA Calculator and it's free to use for Amazon sellers.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout (JS) are well-versed when it comes to drawing users to their platform. The company provides a variety of usable material and resources, most notably the FBA calculator workbook. It is one of the few downloaded materials but users may opt to use a custom-made spreadsheet if they like. So, if the user if focused on getting informative reports & a bevy of analytics to understand each procedure, the JS is one of the foremost programs to use.

Viral Launch

One thing we enjoy about Viral Launch (VL) is how simple to use it is. Just paste the item’s url or ASIN and click calculate. To acquire greater information about stuff, check out the videos. Don’t forget that there is a tab where you can even sign up to get filled in about more.

AMZ Scout

The seller can appropriate the FBA calculator directly on the AMZ Scout website or via setting up their Chrome Extension. These are cost-free, rapid alternatives to final pricings of items. The only thing that is needed to copy-paste an item’s ASIN & allows them to be in control & everything else.


SellerPrime assists the user by providing something bigger than a computational tool. SP leads the user across through the related item, storages, samples, FBA, maintenance processes, etc. SellerPrime also, is presented in Chrome Extension in case one wants to be in control of things while staying on-page.

Seller App

Seller App is a right-to-the-point application that computes entire sales, free. It assists you whenever you want to evaluate sales timelines, check orders, & make fulfillments quickly. It also makes it easy it easy to manage your stockpile & respond to customer inquiries rapidly.

Amazon FBA calculator: how to use it

To make use of Amazon FBA calculator tool, find out procedures first.

  1. Head to the item page on Amazon website
  2. Toggle to the calculator in order for you to compute the price of the product, the price of shipping & the overall price per unit item.
  3. Punch in calculate & hold on while the FBA calculator displays the analysis of the prices associated with the item. On the contrary, one can ship the item themselves without utilizing FBA, as there is a calculator designed for that purpose. To compute other related charges, for instance, the amount charged for packaging the item, & different costs of shipping. Then one can be given the opportunity to make comparisons of which process proves to be budget-friendly, whether it is FBA or FBM.

Final words

The #1 FBA calculator is Amazon’s nascent FBA calculator as it’s the most detailed and reliable. Others are equally free and exist as chrome extensions or standalone applications.


How does one select the best FBA calculator?

The FBA calculator would be the one presenting the most accurate cost of fulfillment for your item type & the selling plan you’re using.

How does one calculate an FBA fee?

FBA fee or cost is calculated by subtracting the revenue from every item sale away from the per unit price of the product as well as additional fees like adverts.

What does Amazon Keywords mean?

Amazon keywords are search items than AMZ vendors utilize so as to create a backend to their item roster. These keywords are then appropriated by A9 (Amazons Algorithm) to organize important items for search queries.

How many keywords can one use on Amazon?

Amazon allows you to compute 5 lines for keyword insertion. Originally, AMZ allowed seller to compute 50 characters at each line. In 2016, the company upgraded that figure to 1000 from 250.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO is a term used to describe the optimization of item lists in a way that gets the item displayed at the pinnacle of Amazon Search queries for important keywords. Essentially, Amazon SEO equals optimization of item listings, which then equals improved ranks, bolstered visibility & enhanced revenue. 

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