Get your Amazon business kicking again with MerchantWords

posted on 20/2/18

Get your Amazon business kicking again with MerchantWords

The hunt for the next big game-changer for your Amazon business is an iterative process that is an inevitable aspect of every Amazon merchants hectic schedule. Solutions like MerchantWords come to the rescue and into play in debacles like this.

MerchantWords: What exactly is it?

MerchantWords is an all-encompassing data-bank of shopper keyword search titles. It serves estimations for all the types of searches for any product term. MerchantWords is advantageous in deciphering merchandises that are hotly demanded, & what buyers are searching for in Amazon. MerchantWords also shows you how keywords vary against matching projected search volumes, providing insights on merchandise to sell & the keywords you need to incorporate into your items' listings, so that will appear for a optimum number of linked searches every time.

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MerchantWords Pricing

At the moment, there exists, 3 MerchantWords offers to select:

USA – grants unbridled entry to USA data at only $30 per month or $300/ annum

Worldwide – grants unbridled entry to worldwide info for only $60 per month or $600/annum

Additional nations– grants unbridled entry to info from any of the nine other nations having exclusive Amazon stalls at $15 every month, or $150 every year.

MerchantWords Services

MerchantWords offers robust array of services that helps you to bolster your items discover-ability, unravel new avenues and unearth buyer demand trends. MerchantWords services include:

Listing Advisor tool

MerchantWords’ premium optimization solution is a definite attempt by the company to upgrade from being a regular search engine into providing more helpful solutions targeted toward Amazon sellers. MerchantWords gives you:

  1.  keyword optimized titles
  2. five item features
  3.  back-end controls
  4.  Supplementary keyword bundles
  5.  text and HTML descriptions
  6. one free re-write


This feature helps you to create and store your keyword lists. Create collections by going to the side toolbar, “Select Co”, and then enter your collection’s name. Click “ADD” & one is ready to start adding keywords.

Classic search

MerchantWords classic data includes:

  1. Search density
  2. Seasonal variations
  3. Short-tail & long-tail keywords in Amazon search tab

Keyword multiplier

A program that generates associated, supplementary, and similar keywords, to discover new ways to connect with customers is termed keyword mulltiplier.

Page 1 products

Efficient time-saving is important in Amazon search. Consider “yoga mats” title, this program generates every Page 1 listing in the title for Amazon USA. The advantage is getting pricing, reviews, and rating information. Everyone agrees that your new item should be placated on page 1 if it is to have any chance of succeeding and usurping competition.


A reverse ASIN tool, fortified with high-rank keywords for the adversary, supplies data straight from Amazon.

Final thoughts

MerchantWords is famous like Jungle Scout, however, it’s entirely dedicated to finding keywords that other vendors are missing completely. With PPC becoming overly expensive, an optimized Amazon listing is paramount for long-term success. And MerchantWords is beneficial in ranking keywords all day long. One drawback to MerchantWords is that it does not provide a free trial; neither does it offer a refund policy. But if you are looking for a tried and trusted keyword data solution, then that small snag proves negligible as MerchantWords has your back.


Is my MerchantWords info safe?

Merchantwords prioritizes user information and this info is never shared with third-party users. This means that you’ll always be in charge of your affairs. Kindly learn more of the merchantwords legal statement in the terms and conditions and privacy policy page

Is free-trial an option for MerchantWords?

MerchantWords does not have a free-trial option at all. When one signs for a profile & feels dissatisfied by the program, they can terminate their profile within a fortnight in case of new profile and get a complete reimbursement.

How reliable is MerchantWords ?

Merchantwords have been used by Amazon sellers for ages. It is a highly reliable keyword search app. Merchantwords obtains info out from search metrics.

MerchantWords is a popular service & a rock-solid keyword research tool.

Meta description: Merchantwords is a supreme and well-tested ways to steady the ship of your Amazon enterprise. Register for Merchantwords & enjoy a host of amazing discounts.

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4 Best Product Research and Finder Tools for FBA Sellers

posted on 20/2/12

If you're searching for the next profitable product on Amazon, then you require the best product research and finder tools. These tools increase your probability of becoming a prosperous Amazon FBA seller by making your business scalable on Amazon’s highly-competitive marketplace. So if you're wondering what the best Amazon product research tool is, we have listed four great options for you.

1. IO Scout

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If there ever was a highly recommended Amazon product research tool, it is IO Scout. It has a streamlined feature set compared to other options on the list, but it gets the job of discovering products that will earn you a profit done.

Here are a few notable features of IO Scout:

  • Product Database : It contains more than 150 million products with advanced filters that assist you in finding high-selling products in no time.
  • Product Tracker : A tool for tracking items that interest you, from how well they're selling to whether their prices have changed.
  • Trends and History : A graphical analysis of each and every item, allowing sellers to spot trends and invest in products with a greater probability of selling all year round.
  • Chrome Add-On : Enables the seller to examine products while not having to leave the comfort of Amazon.
  • Amazon FBA Calculator : Takes into account all Amazon FBA pricing and provides you with an accurate estimate of your FBA fees. This allows you to ascertain your profits.

This Amazon product research tool has three plans for you to decide from. These plans are Start-up, Seller and Business, which cost $29, $49 and $69 each month, respectively.

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2. Jungle Scout

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There's no way to discuss product research Amazon tools without mentioning Jungle Scout. This tool is similar to IO Scout, as it includes a product database, product tracker and even an extension for Chrome.

Here are a few additional features that Jungle Scout provides:

  • Opportunity Finder : Provides you with the most relevant and accurate data that enables you to discover the most profitable niche.
  • Supplier Database : This feature enables you to find the suppliers your rivals are using.
  • Keyword Scout : This tool is for discovering popular keywords that are relevant to your product listings.
  • Sale Analytics : This feature enables you to keep track of your finances, from your FBA fees to your potential profits.
  • Launch : This tool gives sellers a marketplace full of ready-to-purchase buyers to jumpstart the selling process at launch.

To get started with this great product finder tool, you need to pay $39 for the web app and $19 for the extension. For both the web app and extension, it will cost you $49 a month.

amazon product analysis

3. Helium 10

amazon fba product research

While every tool here provides a modular approach to product research and finding in the form of sub tools, Helium 10 is by far the most comprehensive. This makes it a magnificent Amazon product finder software. It has 16 tools that can help you become the best seller on Amazon.

They are broken down as follows:

  • Product Research : Black Box, Profitability Calculator, Trendster and Xray.
  • Keyword Research : Cerebro, Keyword Tracker, Magnet and Misspellinator.
  • Ongoing Maintenance : Alerts, Inventory Protector and Refund Genie.
  • Product Launches : Cerebro, Follow-Up and Frankenstein.
  • Listing Optimization : Index Checker and Scribbles.

Helium 10 has a variety of plans to suit your needs, and these are Free, Platinum, Diamond and Elite Plan. Each one costs $0, $97, $197 and $397, respectively.

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4. Viral Launch

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Viral Launch is another excellent Amazon product research software. On the fundamental level, it does pretty much everything each product research tool on this list does. But what makes Viral Launch standout is the way it helps you build the perfect listing and create automated PPC campaigns.

Here are the features that help you with that.

  • Listing Analyzer : This tool analyzes your listing and provides you with suggestions that can help you improve it. This includes showing you high-volume keywords you and your competitors are missing.
  • Keyword Manager : Since keywords can change, tracking them helps you stay on top of which ones are ranking and which ones aren’t, allowing you to further optimize your listings.
  • Listing Builder : With all your keywords in hand, Viral Launch will automatically build a listing that makes sure no relevant keywords are missed.
  • Kinetic PPC : Since tracking and optimizing PPC campaigns can be tedious, this tool enables you to automate the entire process and deliver results.

This product research tool has four plans, and the pricing for each one is $50, $83, $125 and $166 a month, respectively.

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